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For goodness sake, don't do the first 20 minutes of a 2 hour lesson.Or the first 20 minutes you would routinely do with any new class.They share many personality traits and mannerisms, will openly discuss anime and manga in detail regardless of who they are with (much to Kyouhei's and Saburo's chagrin), and will somehow even tie in anime-themed metaphors when dealing with intense situations.Walker and Erika also share a much darker, sadistic side that contrasts their usual playfulness.From the moment they are introduced it is clear that Walker and Erika are very close with one another.Their mutual obsession with anime and manga serves as the primary link between the two.Come on, most interview panels will let you pick a topic or subject from a wide range of choices; if they haven't told you up front what exam board they use, get on the phone and ask. This is a twenty minute, pull out all the stops, show-'em-what- you've-got opportunity.And then produce, at the very least, a good Powerpoint presention, handout/worksheet or activity. Make absolutely sure you have a good extension activity even if you are pretty sure you won't have time to use it. If you can't be bothered to make an effort for this, what does it say about your contribution to the life of the school/college? You have a short amount of time to showcase your skills and also to model your priorities.

If that sounds like way too much to cope with in the time you have, you are probably being much too ambitious in the material you hope to cover.

(For goodness sakes go and talk to the students while they do the task you have set.

Don't wander around tossing your chalk in the air and definitely don't go and chat with the observers!

Walker is less than enthusiastic and even feels somewhat annoyed with Erika's tendency to pair up anyone she sees.

Although this is the only place Erika and Walker's interests significantly diverge, it isn't something that affects their relationship in any negative way.

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It is unknown exactly how they developed this kind of personality, although it is implied by Erika that they used to work for various illegal organizations before Kyouhei (as Erika puts it) "pulled them out of the darkness," which implies that Kyouhei was responsible for reforming them back to regular society.

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