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I lift my ass upwards and hook my thumbs into my panties and push them down with ease. “You’re such a tease, my love,” you groan, watching me still.

“Don’t slow down, baby,” you whisper in that low growly voice I crave so much. I want to see that pussy glistening.” “Oh, I think I can do that for you,” I giggle. It causes you to growl out, wanting to smell for yourself.

I feel as though I’m going to lose my mind waiting. I let out a stifling moan with each one, feeling my pussy clench with each blow.

Blink Blink Blink My cursor seems to go faster, teasing me, making my pulse race. I land five hard smacks to my left side, leaving a nice glow on my white flesh.

Your hand is sliding over your shaft, working your own need as you tease me with your words.

I arch higher, yelping out, hearing you, and watching you come with me.Two strong orgasms did me wonders, knowing they were given to you. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.I can see how soaking wet I am through the view of the cam on our Skype call. I truly do feel like my inner slut has been fed a bit tonight. “I must say, I like those kinds of aches and pains,” you whisper to me, your eyes locked on me still. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission. I watch the circling movement of the frame until my cam suddenly pops up. From the angle it is in, you can’t see I’m nearly naked. “Let me see you, please, my love,” I whisper softly. Your strong jawline, your almost squared chin, the way your dark hair drops around your eyes. Your chest is clearly defined, muscles that last all day long exposed to me. Normally when I masturbate, I close my eyes, to let the images fill my mind easier, but not with you. You’re confusing me.” I hear the confusion clearly in your voice. Your face is full concern, but the strong features are what I notice more. Your entire body trembling with need, to finally be filled of my cock.” Listening to you, I keep my eyes on you.

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In my darkened bedroom, I stare at the blinking cursor on our Skype chat. I have a surprise for you, when you do eventually come on. Two fingers hooked against my g-spot, I'm coming hard. Gasping for air, I whine out, begging you to fuck me harder.

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