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" Other times and it can start with a simple "hey" and an ordinary conversation.

But no matter how it begins, once it's underway you'd better hope you have unlimited time gurl. You literally talk your way to a place where you want to touch yourself. Added bonus is that it can bring you and your partner together even when you're in different countries.

From there, you can immediately roll into your sexual question to open up a discussion.

Of course, you don’t want to start with something extremely intimate.

Phone sex tends to come more naturally when you start off the conversation as you normally would.

Try turning your casual conversation into a slightly more sexy one.

So let your mouth do the talking and your fingers do the walking, and see what buttons you press.Because of that, the women felt more comfortable and confident about embracing their own sexuality.Deep down though, women want and desire sex with the right person, just like men.It could be a total miss but hey, at least you gave it a go right?“My friend and I just made a bet and we want you to settle it. ” I’d just read some pick-up advice that told me to approach girls in bars with that question. They even began debating each other and trying to argue their viewpoints playfully to me.

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But you can’t always rely on getting “gimmes” like that. You have to take a chance and lead into these sexual subjects.

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