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The first production of porcelain in Worcester took place in 1751.

Here painters added enamel colours by hand to printed patterns.

1940 – 1942 Black mark three circles and dots 1943-1944 no circles or dots BONE CHINA 1945-1948 bone china in small letters 1949 letter V is added 1950 letter W 1951-1963 a black dot was added 1964 onwards a shape system was introduced, firstly a circle and later a diamond In 1930 a new group of freelance, mostly female modellers were employed by the factory.

Apart from Freda Doughty who made more traditional models, the other artists were more modern and made untraditional designs which did not sell very well.

The resultant casts are removed from the moulds assembled using more liquid slip and the rough edges smoothed away.

Several moulds can be used to make up a complicated piece.i) Hand Painting; painters worked in two sections, the senior department where all the free hand painting of scenes and fruit take place and the ornament department where the painting of figures to the original modellers standard.ii) Printing; early designs were engraved on a copper plate and transferred onto tissue paper which was positioned on the object and then fired.

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