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You may have him as John, the impression in The Interests, the unbroken BBC3 drama whose just right still rooms with Dempsie.

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Lovely friendly picture of him, but you can't help but notice the spiky hair!

said on 3/Jun/15I found this quote from Joe about his height: "Joe, who still has family living in Crosby and south Liverpool, admitted to being nervous.

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He's happier dwelling the sturm und drang of his urban Tasmania Forest FC's having footballing wives.He said: “The fans are rabid waiting for this and they know exactly how they want their characters to look.Gendry is described as being tall and muscled, with thick black hair.British actor best known for roles in TV shows Skins (as Chris Miles) and HBO's Game of Thrones (as Gendry). He looked under 5ft 8 and with me having a bit less sneaker, I think 7.5 is a reasonable estimate.This photo is from 2013's London Film Convention, he had about 1/3rd inch more thicker footwear than me. Fractions can get lost easy, just having the camera in front of Joe (as seen by his eyes looking straight ahead and mine at an angle), or my head being an inch lose a cm this way!

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