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*************** There are three main steps in this procedure — updating the table and figure caption numbering, then updating any cross-references that refer to these tables (including any List of Tables of List of Figures you’ve inserted).When finished, all your cross-references should now reflect the new numbering sequences.Once all the reviews were completed and the document signed off, the procedure table was to be split from the main document into a new document of its own.So she needed to break the link between the original PPE list and the one in the procedure. You can choose formatting and various time/date sources (current date, last save date, last plot date, creation date).

Whenever you change the original text, you only need to update the fields in the document for the changes to apply to the second (or third) instance of that text.

In Outlook 2007 and up, first show the Developer ribbon (File or Office icon, Options), then from the Developer ribbon, choose Design this form. In Outlook 2003 and older, or Outlook 2007's main window, go to Tools menu, Forms, Design this form. In the code window, enter this code: Publish the form and set it as the default form for the folder, if desired.

If you want to use it with existing items you'll need to convert the items to use the new form.

You also won't need to add a button to the form, so it will work with contacts.

Although today's date is added to the Notes field every time you open a contact, it's not saved until you Save the contact.

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