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(Never mind that the attack happened in a public place, outside a restaurant and nobody was having sex of any kind.) The dynamics of domestic violence aside, I took particular note of those who criticized Ms Retzlaff for what they viewed as her sexually promiscuous behaviour.

People cited her dating, as a divorced woman with children – as evidence that she “deserved” to get beaten up by her ex-husband.

A clean-up is continuing in the two Samoas after Tropical Cyclone Gita hit on Saturday morning.

There was extensive flooding, rivers burst their banks and houses were inundated.

While Gita was upgraded to Category 2 as it threatened Niue on Saturday night, a change of direction lifted the threat and there have been no reports of significant damage.

Niue was spared the full force of Tropical Cyclone Gita but the cyclone is heading towards Tonga and picking up strength.

Whether or not we agree with the choice some people make to film themselves doing sex-things, why is it that we are so outraged by a Samoan woman who chooses to have sex and likes it? The domestic violence case involving Brian Lima and Sina Retzlaff.

When Ms Retzlaff went public with the assault and a photograph of her bruised face made headlines, there was an outpouring of support and outrage on her behalf. For speaking out and ‘airing their dirty laundry’ thus bringing shame on both families involved.

I’ve seen a kind of envious awe from other Samoan women towards fa’afafine because ‘you can get away with so much more than we do!These are all examples from a local Samoan context. And when it read, I’m intrigued by the responses to the sex (in all its forms and expressions in the books, both positive and negative) from Samoan women and men.I know that when Albert Wendt’s first books came out, they were banned in a few places.Disapproval also came from those who said she deserved it because when the attack occurred, she was out on a date with another man.Ms Retzlaff and her ex-husband had been divorced for two years, but still critics blasted her on social media because, “she should be at home looking after her children” and “not going out having sex with other men”.

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