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Paul's teachings would have been clear to most gentile God fearers and Jews of the day.

Prior to this period, the Bible recognized patrilineal descent, whereby one’s Jewish status was determined by one’s father. The bigger question, in a world where so many of us now date across ethnic lines, is how do you do it — and talk about it — in a way that’s kind and sensitive and doesn’t lead to a social media backlash? But Purcell apologized Tuesday on her blog, and many view her piece as more wrongheaded (and self-involved) than mean-spirited.In 1983, the organized Reform Jewish Movement adopted the principal of patrilineal descent. Reform Judaism considers a child of an interfaith couple to be Jewish if one parent is Jewish and the child is raised as a Jew and receives a Jewish education and celebrates appropriate life cycle events, such as receiving a Hebrew name and becoming bar or bat mitzvah.This also assumes that the child is being raised exclusively as a Jew and not practicing another religion.

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